Self Cleaning Glass

Self Cleaning Glass

Some manufacturers produce glass with a thin ‘photocatalytic’ coating on one side. This coating uses the ultraviolet rays from the sun to steadily break down any organic dirt on the surface.

It also has ‘hydrophilic’ properties which mean that when rain runs down the surface of the glass, it will wash away the loosened dirt.

Small particles of dirt will loosen and (providing there is rain) be washed off. This coating needs a minimum pitch of 10 degrees from the horizonatal to work effectively.

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Self Cleaning Glass

Glass designed to clean itself

A partucularly popular option for roof glazing or other hard to reach areas. 'Self Clean' is often paired with 'Solar Control' for this type of application as an optional extra.
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As standard we supply Low-e glass

(Ug = 1.2W/m2 K, calculated in accordance with EN 763) in order to comply with current building regulations regarding safety and heat loss.

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